Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer Vacation: Harrisburg, PA

Danger: a million photos ahead


I figured I'd just post these Harrisburg photos in chronological order. We were excited to visit John's parents and even happier knowing that Jack's Aunt Joelle and cousin Sophia were going to be there from Florida. The picture above was taken approximately 20 seconds after I parked in the driveway and got Jack out. Sophia was waiting and clearly pretty stoked to see Jack.


 Jack, on the other hand, was sort of dubious of this outgoing, friendly girl. You see, "outgoing" and "friendly" are not two words I'd use to describe my son. (nor his parents...weird...)



But Sophia was not to be deterred. No amount of ignoring would put her off. She was going to be his best friend. Jack warmed up a little once there was couch jumping.


 And of course he appreciated the push.


 By the way...the truck he's riding? John's dad made it for him when he was a kid.


 There was some park time with Pop Pop.


 And there was lots of sprinkler time to beat the heat.


John and his niece

Siblings and cousins


 One day we checked out the local children's museum in Lancaster, the Hands-On House. It was so awesome. John's cousins, Lindsey and Sydney, were kind enough to join us even though they were over the target age by about 15 years.

Magnetic fishing

crossing bridges outside

pointing out all the peppers and tomatoes in the garden

walking the balance beam (with daddy's help)

running thru tunnels

exploring the rock garden with cousin Lindsey

riding the tractor

me and my boy!

getting into character in his Batman cape

watching cousins face paint 

 And my favorite picture from the museum...

so cute!

The last couple of days we just hung at home and enjoyed the company. Jack met a new friend, Eli. The nephew of of John's best friend growing up. He's a cutie too.


 And here are some more of Sophia and Jack hanging out. Or Sophia chasing Jack as it were. I love how wary he is of her friendliness and excitement.


finally!  sharing!

 And, finally, (only one more pic, I promise!) Jack experienced his first big east coast summer thunderstorm and he LOVED it.


Yay for a fun visit to Harrisburg!