Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fun family time

A week or two ago we got to go down to San Diego for a short trip that was less than 48 hours.  But we managed to pack in a lot of fun.  I was excited that John could be with us and experience some fun with Jack.

First we went to My Kids Clubhouse near my parents' house and I have to say that it was one of the neatest indoor playgrounds I've ever been too.  Mainly because there was this giant climbing structure with tunnels and slides and nets and a ball pit - that adults go on on!  It was so much fun to crawl all around with Jack.  He had a ball.

He, of course, enjoyed the other toys and even made a friend as he played make believe with the food.  Too cute.

The next morning Jack was very intrigued by the guest bathroom and the shower so he decided to jump in.  I think his favorite part was squeegee'ing the shower door.  What a fun activity!  And he did it with such gusto.

And then it was off to Sea World.  We had free passes so we didn't feel bad about only going for two hours.  We headed straight to the Sesame Street Toddler Town which is Jack's favorite part by far.  He and his daddy had fun climbing all over the nets and through the tunnel.

Then he played on the big bouncing floor with all the blocks.  So much fun!

We didn't see many animals... We stopped by the seals and the dolphins and took a slight detour to pet the bat rays.  

On the way home we stopped for a sandwich and Jack, of course, found the only fountain in the strip mall.  The kid loves water.

Knowing how much Jack would enjoy some water play, we decided to check out this "splash ground" we had heard about in Santee.  To say this place was a hit would be an understatement.  Jack squealed with delight the whole time.

The weekend was topped off by a date night for John and me.  Dinner and a Beach Boys concert.  Lots of fun!  And thanks to my parents for helping us make it happen!  



  1. love these recs and love the pictures more. is it still called captain kids world at sea world, or am i seriously dating myself? obviously the sesame street toddler town wasn't there and looks significantly radder than what we got as kids. also, what is a carrot doing in front of jack? i know he's not going to go for that, real or play!