Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This past weekend John and I braved the crazy crowds at the local outdoor mall and took Jack to see all the festivities.  This isn't just any "mall".  It's actually pretty beautiful and certainly with all the lights and Christmas music it's even more cool.  There is a giant fountain in the middle of the outdoor green and Jack was MESMERIZED by it.  Like, seriously.


So mesmerized in fact that he wouldn't take his eyes off the fountain, ever.


 Then it started to snow. And, wow, he was super stoked. It was so cool to see him actually express so much excitement.


reaching out to catch the snow


 He didn't want to stand in line to meet Santa but we did ride the trolley and check out all the Christmas stuff.

riding in Santa's sleigh

We had such a great time and I will definitely remember it as one of the highlights of Christmas 2012.  Bring on more holiday events!


  1. When is this kid going to be "stoked" about Disneyland!?!??! =) Just sayin'. You're right there, and he's free. =)

  2. obviously i LOVE this post! these pics are all gorgeous, but the one of you with jack watching the fountain is the mostest. :)

  3. Beautiful family photo! And that mall looks so lovely, where is it? Maybe we too could visit it in a couple of weeks :)