Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week in Review - 11/10/12


Another week filled with fun, joy, tears, amazement, tantrums, ups and downs. :) I guess that's life with a toddler. On the plus side, his alphabet and reading skills are growing by leaps and bounds and it's so cool to see. He is constantly singing the ABC song and spends a lot of time playing quietly with his letters each day.

I swear I didn't help him with this...or even ask him to spell his name.

Grandma was up visiting and he made sure that she knew how to write all her letters too.


I think the thing that amazes me most is his new trick with books. Not really a trick but, somehow, in the last 20 months after reading book after book literally hundreds of times, he seems to have memorized most of them. I mean, duh, I guess. But still. Now I catch him sitting by himself with a book "reading" out loud. Hitting the key words and doing all the inflections. And when we're reading together, he'll help me out with the first word or two of every page. It's adorable. And so awesome! Guess he's really been listening for the past 1000 times I've read "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb".

My little nerd...

On the flip side, we're still working on his social skills. Man, this kid is not outgoing. He would so rather be home or play by himself. The exception is probably with his close two or three friends. He says their names and seems to look forward to seeing them. His friend Nick is super friendly and tries to give Jack hugs with varying success.


He also hangs with his tomboy girlfriend Mackenzie who's cool and ridiculously outgoing.


Before we get to the rest of the cute pictures, just a side note and thanks to my mom and leslie who let me get out for a few nights of fun. First was my friend Ali's premiere for the movie she produced. Check us out on the red carpet.


Felt pretty lucky to tag along with the producer to the after party and enjoy my free cocktails and reserved seating.


And the next night I was lucky enough to tag along with my sister to a screening of "Argo" which I really enjoyed. And it was fun to see a Q&A after with Affleck and some of the cast. Good times.


Okay, enough about me. Here are more pics from the week!

Finally we get to break out the pants and sweatshirts!

Deep in thought

His new favorite activity...RUNNING!

One key at a time, just like daddy taught him

playing the drum in his music class

catnap in the car at 8am because he won't sleep past 5

and spending quality time with the only friend he's truly excited about 
and affectionate towards...pepe the dog.

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