Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cousin Johnny's Birthday Party


 Last weekend we journeyed to San Diego to go to Jack's cousin Johnny's 3rd birthday party. And he had a blast! It didn't hurt that it was held at a beautiful park...right up Jack's alley. There was lots (and lots) of room to run up and down hills which he did with enthusiasm.


 He had a great time climbing on all the playground equipment too. The kid loves being outside.

sliding down the slide with his (great) aunt margie

striking a disturbingly model-like pose

 The highlight for him was probably the cake. I don't often let him have sweets so this was a special treat.


Sadly, Jack takes after his mom which means that he has a serious sweet tooth. I want to warn him now that all those cookies and cakes will go straight to his hips (or beer belly?) but he doesn't seem interested. Does this look like a kid concerned about moderation?


I guess I'm sort of an enabler though. Surprise, surprise.


I did have my doubts though about whether the second cupcake was a good idea.


And here are some more cute photos from the party....

the birthday boy!

jack with his younger cousin hank

playing with his (great) uncle glen


walking his best friend, Pepe

lifting his leg to copy Pepe...charming.

"I might be full."

Party's over, time for a nap.

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