Sunday, February 24, 2013

Jack's day of birthday fun

By the time Jack's actual birthday rolled around, he had partied hard, bounced in a bouncy house, opened a LOT of presents, and eaten his weight in cupcakes and cake.  But the 19th of February was still a ton of fun.  

He started the day by modeling his appropriate t-shirt wear.

He really looks ridiculously tall in that photo.  He's not that tall.  John asked if he was wearing skinny jeans and I said "how dare you!"  Still, he looks pretty cute.  We headed off to music class where he banged a tambourine while everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to him as Pop Pop and Grammy observed.

Now, because it was a special occasion, and because his Pop Pop has quite an affection for ice cream, we headed to Baskin Robbins for "lunch" to celebrate.  Jack really has only had ice cream a handful of times (5?) but I know he LOVES it.  With a passion.  Like his mommy.  I let him choose his flavor, suggesting good ol' vanilla or strawberry or chocolate.  But, making me proud, he pointed defiantly to a flavor called "World Class Chocolate" which was white chocolate mousse ice cream swirled with dark chocolate mousse.  Good choice.  He was ready and I wasn't surprised when he dug in with gusto.

And I mean, GUSTO.  YUM!!


He was very pleased with himself and didn't seem to mind that his special "I am 2" shirt was covered in chocolate.


In the end, he seemed very satisfied with his tasty lunch.


I tried to get a nice pic with his visiting Grammy and Pop Pop to commemorate the occasion but he just wanted to get down and RUN.


And run he did.  He was having a great time.  And on your 2nd birthday, you really should be happy, giggling, and covered in ice cream.

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