Monday, February 11, 2013

Week in Review - 2/10/13

Check out that dynamic duo.  Jack loves hanging with his pal Violet.  He gets so excited when he knows V is coming over and telling me everything she likes to do.  ("violet likes trains...violet likes trampoline.")  Of course, in true 2-year-old boy fashion, once she comes over he pretty much ignores her.  Playing it pretty cool.  But he does love a good wagon ride.

He also really enjoys hanging with Violet because she lives right near a gelato cafe and it is the only time he gets to eat ice cream.  As you can see in the last picture, it pretty much blows his mind.

Jack also got to spend some quality time with some of his other favorite people, Aunt Leslie and Pepe.  Damn, he loves that dog.

Took a lot of pictures this week...trying to capture how cute his new haircut is.  Enjoy!

his favorite place still...on top of the counter

the first, and last, time he sat on his new potty this week.  he's totally freaked out by it now.

swing time!

busy with his homework

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  1. ice cream photo #3... i will laugh all day! they should frame it and hang it at the cafe. that chocolate sorbet is the best ever, for reals.

    this post made my morning. it's my fav how violet will bring up "my best friend gak" all the time. i told a kid at school this morning that i liked his new haircut, and v piped up, "my best friend gak got a new haircut too." "and it's cuter," she wanted to add.