Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Are you in the jungle?!"


Lately Jack has been playing non-stop in our backyard. The weather has been gorgeous and, as usual, there's no where he'd rather be than outside. It's pretty cute because he loves sneaking back behind all of our trees and bushes and hiding behind everything. He loves to ask "Are you in the jungle?" (We are still working on pronouns). It's pretty adorable. I'm happy we have this space for his to run around.

He has also discovered the tiny side alley next to our house.  I'm not so excited about that, but, like I said, his joy and sheer delight makes it all worth it.


Jack's been really into the little lawnmower he got for his birthday too. He runs up and down the grass with it. In fact, one of his favorite things to do is make the lawnmower go up and down stairs and crash into things. Today he decided to try to sneak it into the house. But I just wasn't having it. :-)


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