Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Best buddy's birthday party


One of Jack's best buddies celebrated his second birthday last weekend and Jack had a ton of fun. It was craziness as usual with 20 toddlers running around an indoor playground. There was a bouncy house which Jack enjoyed, of course.


He rode in the rocking row boat.


He took this little cutie for a ride in the camper. She was skeptical as he checked the gas gauges but they ended up having quite a nice time.


The highlight for Jack though was probably the food. They had pizza and it was Jack's first time experiencing this magical food. Let me tell you, he LOVED it. He had two slices and probably would have eaten more if I had let him.



A week later he was still talking about pizza. In fact, the doctor asked Jack about his 2nd birthday party and all he could talk about was "pizza". (Wrong party kid. Glad you appreciated all the homemade food I made.)

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