Friday, April 26, 2013

Week in Review - 4/26/13

Well, this week has lacked posts because not only was little Jack sick but it hasn't been the greatest week.  Between waking up to a dead car one day and now having our air conditioner out in the middle of a 90 degree heat wave, it's been a mediocre week.  And then, for some reason, once Jack was better he decided to go on a terrible twos terror.  Or something.  He started having real temper tantrums.  The kind where he laid on the ground screaming and crying for 20 minutes.  The kind where he throws anything and everything in reach.  Including a glass on our counter or a wine bottle in Vons.  Charming stuff.

Never fear though!  He saves that kind of behavior for his mommy.  For daddy, on the other hand, he is all smiles and joy.  Because he sure loves his daddy.  He starts the day by begging to go to "BeaBea's" with daddy which is our favorite breakfast place and has become kind of a family ritual.  You should see this kid chow down on pancakes and sausages.


When he's not taking his daddy out to breakfast, he's sitting on the counter listening to the special CD that John made for him.


 Or playing his guitar.


 This week was all about trains. First we went to Descanso Gardens with Violet and her parents and rode the Enchanted Railroad there. He loved it!


 Then we went to Griffith Park's Travel Town with our playgroup and had another good time on their train.


And now here are more pics from the week!

He learned how to fly like Superman on the swings and he's into it!

Water table fun with the big girls

Balance beam in gym class.  His favorite thing!

Throwing lemons in the backyard

climbing, climbing, climbing

lounging in bed

Me and my boy.  He's not so bad most of the time.  :)

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