Friday, April 5, 2013

Week(s) in Review - 4/5/13


Haven't done one of these in a while so of course I have a lot of photos to share. We've been keeping busy with classes and playgroups but, of course, Jack's favorite activity is playing with his numbers.


I do try to push the social activities though. He knows all his friends and talks about them at home, but once we're at play group he would rather play by himself. One boy in his group, Owen, loves him though and follows him around everywhere. Jack must like him deep down though, because he tolerates all the attention.



As I said though, he doesn't love giant crowds of kids. We had an Easter party with a bunch of other little toddlers and after a crazy loud hour and a half, Jack disappeared. I found him in his room. Reading. Out loud. By himself.


What a nerd.

And now more pictures of the nerdy, adorable, 2 year old...

playing with his new favorite backyard toy...the lawnmower.

the snake at the zoo

in the tunnel with his friend

logging more counter time

rock climbing with daddy


old school baby swing

new school big kid swing

ice cream treat with daddy!

playing with the race car that Pop Pop made him

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