Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just a few photos....

Well, it's time to dump some Jack photos.  It's been a while so I have a few.  :)

playing the bean counting game!

nap time is easier when he can just fall asleep listening to music on the iPad

practicing his yoga moves that his Aunt Leslie taught him

swimming with daddy

this kid loves a ball pit

killing time before sunset

he still sleeps better with mommy

playing at violet's birthday party

taking a rest with daddy

violet's cake and ice cream were SOOO good!

he is really into playing outside still

time to pause at the park for a snack

"Look Ma! I can pull my arms out of my car seat straps!"

Jack and his buddy pretending to sleep

And, in case anyone is interested, a few pics of this old pregnant lady.

Moms getaway in Palm Springs

Stacey organized a trip to a fancy chocolate-themed afternoon tea!

All the ladies...

And someone told them I was pregnant!  Or maybe they noticed the enormous bump.  :)

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