Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

There's my little Hulk.  Probably the most timid, shy Incredible Hulk anyone has ever seen.  It was cute because he pretty much chose his own costume.  John likes to joke and say "what are you, the Hulk?!" every time Jack breaks something or throws something.  So it's one of the few characters he actually knows.  And when I saw it for sale at Costco...  well, you know.  I was incredibly thrilled that he even kept the mask on his head (albeit, not over his eyes) for the whole day.  Even when he went into the bounce house.

Wednesday our Moms Club had a big Halloween party with about 45 moms and 60 kids under the age of 5.  It was quite a chaotic scene as you can imagine.  There was a bounce house which was clearly the highlight for Jack (as usual).  The darn kid loves the bounce house so much that he even flirted with his friend's older sister while in there.  Holding hands while jumping, was too cute.

There were a ton of games there like "ghost bowling", "pin the bowtie on the skeleton", "witches ring toss" which Jack killed. 

Of course, perhaps even better than the games were all the signs Jack could read.  Yup, took time out from the raging party to read some signs.  My little Hulk nerd.

We had a great time at the party even if this pregnant lady was tired by the end.  Standing for 4 straight hours is tough!

Halloween night we were super lucky because John got off work early and was in home in plenty of time for trick-or-treating.  Jack thought our carved pumpkins were really neat and wanted to get up close and personal.

We joined some of our friends for trick-or-treating which meant a quick car trip.  There was something about the Hulk strapped into a car seat that I found pretty funny.

All day we had prepped Jack about trick-or-treating and what to say when we walked up to the front door of a house.  He had it down cold.  So guess what happened when we starting going door to door after nightfall?  Yup, he turned into a mute.  Wouldn't say a single thing.  Wouldn't even reach into the bowls the people were holding to choose candy.  Good thing his daddy was there to collect for him.  He would say nothing, then we'd walk away and he would tell us that he was having fun and wanted to go to another house.  "And what are we going to say at the next house?" "Trick or treat." "That's right Jack!"  And then...nothing.  :)  Ahh, our shy little guy.  

But, like I said, his best bud, his daddy, collected candy for him and then proceeded to let him try out all different kinds at 8pm so that he got a sugar high (and subsequent crash).  That's what dads are for.  :)

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  1. the carseat picture! hahahahaha! glad john got off work early; kevin did too. :)