Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life with Sam


 Well, Sam is 11 days old and, while I don't think that's a sufficient amount of time to judge Sam's character, I figured I might as well try. As this is my second child, I know not to make grand statements like "he's a great sleeper" or "he's a mellow kid". Because, looking back at this blog, I see that Jack was also a good sleeper and pretty easy at this age. It seems that it takes about 4 weeks for babies to "wake up" so I don't know what the future holds yet. I am hoping that because John and I are more relaxed and more at ease with caring for Sam that he'll take that cue and be a bit of an easier baby.


Things have been so different this time. My physical recovery has been much easier which I am grateful for. Breastfeeding has been easier as well. Not sure if it's because my milk supply is so much greater or maybe because it came in faster. Or maybe it's because Jack had that tongue-tie problem that made it difficult for him to latch at first. Sam is still sleeping most of the day and at night he'll generally go for three hour stretches.


 Jack is intrigued by the whole breastfeeding thing.


 Sam is slowly having a few more periods of alertness and it's so fun to see his bright eyes.



 Jack has slowly (SLOWLY) been warming up to our new situation. The first few days were hell with constant tantrums and inconsolable sobbing and throwing and hitting his parents. Each day has gotten a little better though it's still extremely sad to see how upset he gets when he sees Sam in my arms. In the morning he'll run to my bed as usual and go to jump up but then he'll see Sam in my arms and stop dead in his tracks. Then it's a combination of sadness and anger as he turns and runs the other way. So hard for me to watch but I know he'll get used to it soon. At first this was the closest we could get to a siblings picture...


 Then there was this...


 But lately there has been a little of this...


 Slight progress!

 Of course, I couldn't have survived these past 11 days without the help of my mom.


 She helped me so much and I'm not really sure how I'm going to handle two kids once I'm all alone. It seems that it takes an hour to get two kids in the car so I guess I'll just be a bit late to everything. But, no matter, right now I'm enjoying having a newborn again. Little Sammy is so darn cute!


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  1. I love these pictures so much! He's adorable. I especially love that second picture of Jack and Sam, though. Totally hilarious and so cute. It's so great that John could be at home and that your mom is there - being alone with two is hard, but you'll get use to it sooner than you think you will, I promise! (As for how long it takes to get two out the door/into the car, once you have kids, I think you get a pass on being on time for things.)