Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sam's 1 month doctor visit

Saturday was Sam's one month check-up and he passed!  I guess we'll keep him.  I was curious to see how much weight he had gained because I feel like my milk supply is better this time.  But, surprisingly, he didn't weigh that much.  And much less than Jack at the same age.  I was kind of bummed.  And he didn't gain much in height.  Perhaps we're destined to have a little guy.  Too early to tell I suppose but I hope he gains in percentiles over the next few months.  Here are his stats:

Weight - 8lbs, 15ozs (30th percentile)
Height - 21.75 inches (55th percentile)

The doctor asked us about sleep and she didn't seem that impressed that we were holding Sam in bed all night.  Don't you think that's impressive?  In fact, it was history repeating itself.  I looked up my blog post from Jack's one month appointment and this is what I wrote:

The doctor asked us different questions and we described life with Jack, including his nighttime sleeping routine.  She said she thought he should be sleeping more than 2 hours at a time at night.  Well, I agree.  That would be nice.  She wants us to try to establish a nighttime routine and put him down in the crib or bassinet.

Well, we got the exact same speech.  Of course, after Jack's appointment I immediately started a very structured bedtime routine that involved goodnights, bath time, the same book and song, etc.  Not sure how I'm supposed to do this with Sam when I'm putting Jack to bed at the exact same time.  And Sam is still pretty darn sleepy during the day.  After some feedings, there are lots of times where he just won't stay awake for his alert time.  So...I've decided that I'll attempt a bedtime routine but won't really feel any pressure about the whole thing until he's about two months old.  Procrastination!


  1. Wait, is this the same doctor? If so, there's your problem :)