Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sibling love

Jack has been slow to warm up to Sam.  As I had said before, I never got that cute sibling picture in the hospital because Jack wouldn't get near Sam.  For a week or so Jack completely ignored him.  The picture above was about the closest Jack would get to Sam.  (At least they are in the same frame.)

Then the next week he would actually look at Sam which was progress I guess.  Though I think in the pic above he was acting cute in order to get a cookie or something.  

Most of the time he kept his distance and was pretty wary (as exhibited above).  Then slowly he got more interested...

And more brave...

And he started being pretty darn cute...

Sometimes Jack's affection resembles something like smothering but it's all out of love.

Yesterday Jack told me that "Baby brother doesn't do anything.  All he does is cry."  Well, that's pretty accurate buddy.  He often complains in the car now because with all of Sam's crying, "I can't hear my music!!!"

I hope they only get cuter and cuter together.

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  1. This is the cutest post ever! Jack's relationship with Sam is so much like Simon's with Linus when he was a baby, but now they play together all the time. Just wait until you catch Jack teaching Sam how to count or reading him books - it'll be the best thing.