Monday, February 17, 2014

Jack's 3 year doctor's visit

Jack hadn't had a check-up since his 2nd birthday so I was very curious about how much he'd grown and what the doctor would check.

First, as we got out of the car, he insisted on wearing these sunglasses because he said he had to show them to the doctor. Okay.... :)


Jack was so curious and so into everything that was going on.  He couldn't wait to hear what room number we'd be called into and then kept telling me that we see a nurse first and then the doctor.  He was right.  And, for the first time, he got to take his measurements like a big boy!  Not on the baby scale but standing on a real scale.  And not laying down to take his height but standing up against the giant ruler.  It was hard to get him to turn away from the numbers and put his back up against the height measuring ruler but he finally did. 

Next they took his blood pressure!  It was so funny seeing him with the little blood pressure cuff on.  He didn't really know what to make of it.

After that they had to take his temperature and, for the first time, they tried to use an oral thermometer.  He couldn't figure out how to put it under his tongue and keep his mouth shut.  So they reverted back to the ol' armpit thermometer.  

Back in the office we had to get him undressed.  The nurse offered a paper gown which Jack flatly refused to wear.  I don't blame him.  He, unfortunately, had all these bug bites on his torso from his hiking in San Diego.  He kept insisting to me that he had to tell the doctor he had bug bites.  So the minute she walked in? "I have bug bites."  Yes, very cute.

He chatted with the doctor whom he really likes and told her all about her birthday.  She joked, "are you 10 now?" and he said, "ACTUALLY...I'm 3."  It was pretty funny.  Of course, also funny was some of her follow up questions.  For instance, she asked "How high can you count?" No response.  "Can you count to 10?" NO RESPONSE.  Are you kidding me?  Jack's been about to count to ten since he was like 18 months but of course, nothing.  "Do you know the alphabet?"  "No."  He said No!  I couldn't believe it.  Like an annoying mom, I assured her that yes, he knew the alphabet, and, in fact, he could write all his letters, uppercase and lowercase.  And yes, he could count.  Probably up to 1000. Sigh.  I just hope he doesn't fail his tests in school because he's too shy to answer the questions.

After the exam, Jack took an EYE EXAM and it was awesome.  The nurse asked if he knew his alphabet and I said yes.  So he stood on the line and proceeded to kill the vision test.  It was adorable.  He was so excited to read all the letters that the nurse pointed to.  Of course, after that he was supposed to cover one eye and read letters and he failed that part.  He just couldn't figure out why he'd ever cover his eye to read.  It didn't go very well but the nurse said that happened often with 3 year olds.

In the end he had to get two shots in the arm and he didn't even cry!  or whine!  It was amazing.  I guess he's tougher than me.  What a trooper!

Oh, and here are his current stats:

Height - 38.5 inches (75th percentile)
Weight - 33.6 pounds (65th percentile)

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