Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sam is 3 months old today!


Here's my little happy man. He is certainly no longer a tiny newborn. He's gotten so big in the past month. Still looks a lot like Jack at the same age.


This kid has the best darn attitude. He is smiley all day. Poor baby often gets stuck in a swing or on a play mat and left alone while I make Jack lunch or get Jack dressed or do the dishes or some other exciting task. But he always just kicks and squeals and occupies himself and always has a smile for me when I come to pick him up. So many smiles! What a neat thing.


I often feel guilty that I'm not paying enough attention to him or spending quality time with him. But I guess that's just the curse of the second child. I hope he has no permanent damage. :) Luckily, his big brother has warmed up to him. Jack is so cute with him (most of the time). It's amazing to watch my baby #1 be such a big boy with Sam. And Sam with Jack? Man, Sam clocks Jack every time he's in the room. His eyes are always locked on his big brother. It's amazing.

teaching his little brother how to read

 Love my boys!


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