Monday, October 13, 2014

Sam is 11 months old!

Sammy is 11 months old!  I think the poor kid has been sick for about 4 weeks but this cold just won't seem to go away.  But look at that cute blondie.  He is so big now...just solid...probably due to him being an eating machine.  The kid loves to eat anything and everything and that's so refreshing since Jack eats like three things.  And speaking of Jack, here he is at 11 months in case you were wondering. :)

Sam is a SERIOUSLY active little boy.  He is walking now (though still crawls when he needs to get something fast).  He climbs on everything from kitchen drawers to step stools to strollers to rock climbing walls at parks.  Sam watches Jack's every move so he's learning fast. 

He does crave attention though and that's exhausting sometimes.  I suppose since I'm often preoccupied with Jack's activities but, man, he will let you know when he wants attention.  Screaming, shrieking, even biting until you give him your undivided attention or take him outside or do whatever he wants.  Tricky little kid.

Poor Sam though does take quite a bit of abuse from his brother.  One minute Jack is sweet and the next he's tackling him, wrestling him, pushing him down, etc.  But, darn, when they are cute they are cute.

Happy 11 months Sam!  You're almost to the big one!

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  1. Wow! He's getting so big! And then the pictures with Jack! Way, way too cute! It's crazy to see them together and realize exactly how big Jack is now. Such beautiful boys!

    (And he's walking?! B is still crawling around standing up for short periods of time, but not even trying to walk. On the one hand, I'm kind of relieved, but on the other, I can't wait for him to start toddling around.)