Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jack is 3 3/4 years old!

Look at that handsome kid.  I've always loved his smile.  As his teacher says, he doesn't smile all the time but, when he does, you know you've earned it.  

But don't be fooled by that smile.  He can be charming one minute and an utter terror the next.  There's lots of talk of "three-nagers" in our playgroup and I totally subscribe to that theory.  When he's great, he's great.  Fantastic.  My buddy.  But when he's not....he can be moody, angry, aggressive, insane, and just a ball of emotions that he doesn't know how to regulate.  Sometimes it's so disheartening but thank goodness I have lots of mom friends who are in the same boat.  Their sons are crazy and hard to manage too.  So it's all just a phase and I enjoy the good times and try to survive the throwing fits and temper tantrums.  :)

I will say that this kid has really come out of his shell.  Our playgroup friends who have known him since he was 6 months can't believe the change.  He used to be so quiet and serious and now he can be so animated and happy with his friends.  It's so fun to see.  Some of it must just be his age but another part of it is definitely his preschool.  He really likes his new preschool and it's really made him more outgoing which is cool.  Not sure he learning much on the reading and writing front...but that's okay.  ;)

Jackie remains my cuddler while his younger brother HATES to be held or cuddled.  Which is why, now when he's going through a co-sleep phase, we indulge him.  He usually wakes up half-way through the night and wants daddy or mommy to come in and sleep next to him.  He just wants a warm body but John enjoys the sweet time with him.  

Sam remains a friend sometimes but nemesis often.  There are brief moments of adorable happiness between the siblings during the day.  A half an hour after dinner, 15 minutes in the morning.  Time when they chase each other and giggle and have fun.  But then the rest of the day I'm pretty much a referee.  Jack seems to just be angered by his presence.  Even when he's not touching his toys.  

Unfortunately there's a lot of hitting and pushing and none of my preventative or discipline methods seem to be working.  I'm hoping it's just a phase but worried it's a decade-long phase.  Yikes!

Regardless, my first born is one heck of a kid.  A fountain-obsessed, planet-loving, crazy kid.  Who is 3 3/4 years old! 

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  1. aww more great shots! do you bribe him to get those smiles? i'm concerned that i'm never going to get a pic of violet sitting still enough to pass muster for this year's holiday card. then i thought, huh, maybe use candy? :)