Monday, July 13, 2015

Sam is 20 months old today!

Well, as you will see, I didn't get a nice, in focus, shot this month because my darling Sammy would NOT SIT STILL.  Not that he ever does so I guess this perfectly captures my little boy at 20 months.  

This kid is ridiculously cute.  He really has the sweetest, cutest disposition.  Sweet definitely doesn't mean mellow or calm though.  Sam is constantly bouncing off the walls, jumping off tables, standing on chairs, and yelping in joy or frustration.  Because he is happy as a clam right up until he doesn't get something or can't figure something out.  And then, BAM.  He's an almost two year old, flinging himself on the floor and screaming.  But, for some reason, it's just sort of cute when he does it.  And it's usually over very quickly.

He continues to learn new words every day and he can say so much now.  He and Jack play so well together now.  Sure, there are still times when Jack hits him or doesn't want him around, but a majority of the time they play and giggle and have a great time.  Sam just absolutely adores his big brother.  He tries to copy him at every turn which is both cool and frightening.  Because his 20 month old body sometimes doesn't have the skills and coordination to keep up with a crazy 4 year old.  

Sammy still gets up sometime between 4:30 and 5:30am but we've fallen into a routine and it's manageable most days.  He's still taking two (very short) naps every day but hopefully I can get him down to one fairly soon.  

He's starting to like books a lot more which is awesome.  Finally!  We can complete a whole book!  (Well, as he hurries me to turn the page).  Who has time to sit that long?

Not this kid!  So happy 20 months Sammy!  And, to keep it real, here's another side of Sam, post-photo shoot.  :)

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