Friday, October 1, 2010

Today I am...21 weeks pregnant.

This week we attended Brian and Marah’s amazing wedding up in Mendocino. It’s probably the last big trip I’ll take before the baby so I was determined to have fun. The flight wasn’t bad and I even survived the subsequent 4 hour car ride. Mendocino was freezing so I found that I had to buy tights/nylons for my dress or I would freeze at the outdoor wedding. Do you know how many maternity stores are in Mendo? Zero. How many clothes stores? Two. I bought the biggest pair of nylons they sold and managed to pull them on over my expanding belly and thighs. The wedding was a blast. Everyone had their doubts about me going home early, not getting on the dance floor, not being on my A game, but they had nothing to fear. I danced the night away and stayed later than 90 percent of our friends. All this without the aid of cocktails! John was very proud of me. Sure, I got home at 12:30 and immediately sunk into bed with some achy feet, but it was worth it. I mean, check out this sassy couple...

Now for the stats:

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby Development: He’s as big as a carrot but I HATE carrots. And so will he if he has any sense.

Baby Movement: Kicking me for sure and he even has quiet and active times of day.

Water Intake: 8 glasses? No problem.

Best Moment of the Week: Going with John to the Hollywood Bowl to see the Pavement/Sonic Youth concert. Our little one’s first concert and it was a LOUD one. During one particularly rocking song, I tried to cover my belly so he wouldn’t get hearing damage.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Labor and how painful it’ll be.

Symptoms: Itchy and scratchy skin. I’ve always had dry skin but this is insane. I could scratch all of my skin off my legs if John let me.

Sleep Quality: Not too terrible. I’m tired enough to sleep through the night.

Food Cravings: French fries.

What I miss: At a wedding with 100 drunk people and having to dance? Yeah, I missed alcohol then.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Our anatomy scan this week!

Trying to get done before baby: We really should fix our doorbell. And that side gate. And that light that flickers. And that other thing. Yeah, we should get on that.

John's POV: "Lisa was a super trooper this week. First, the concert, which was a long walk up a steep hill to see three bands that she had moderate interest in (as she did this for her husband) and then the short plane ride for a long car drive to a wedding where she outworked all the non-pregnant ladies. (I guess she just wanted it more.) The concert was especially fantastic for me. I think I'll always look back with a little indie rock pride that the baby's first concert with ears was a couple of the seminal bands of my lifetime. Hopefully he comes out humming 'Teen Age Riot' or 'Summer Babe'.

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