Friday, October 8, 2010

Today I am...22 weeks pregnant.

This past week was a doozy. Only because we finally got to confirm our own feelings and find out we are having a boy! Truthfully, it wasn’t very surprising because, from the start, I’ve known it’s a boy. Just had a feeling. Then John’s mom predicted boy (as she had predicted a girl correctly for her daughter). Plus, I just wasn’t sick enough for a girl. And my face wasn't all broken out (old wives' tale about girls). The great part of the anatomy scan appointment though, was finding out that he looked healthy. Spine looked great, heart looked great, brain looked great. We were overjoyed. And then at the end when the doctor said, “go buy some blue stuff”, we couldn’t have been happier. Time to put away those girl names we love and settle on the one and only boy name we like.

And on to the important business:

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby Development: They tell me he’s the length of a spaghetti squash. How did he get so big? His eyes have formed and he’s getting tooth buds.

Baby Movement: Yup, I can feel him moving around. Even got him to change positions at our ultrasound by doing jumping jacks.

Water Intake: Definitely 8 glasses a day.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the little guy on the ultrasound monitor. Hearing that he was healthy.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Not any this week, now that we know we won’t have to deal with a teenage girl.

Symptoms: More heartburn. And a dull ache below my left breast. Could that be him just hitting me there?

Sleep Quality: No mattress or pillow will make this any better.

Food Cravings: Eggs, always eggs.

What I miss: Having more than 8 shirts to wear.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Looking at baby boy stuff!

Trying to get done before baby: I feel like we should be going out more, seeing more movies. So next up, “The Social Network”!

John's POV: "There was no way Lisa was leaving that doctor's office without knowing what the kid was packing. The doc sort of thought he saw a scrotum (his word of choice), but wasn't 100%. The kid was covering up. He's already super stubborn like his parents. But Lisa wasn't going to lose her first battle of wills with her child. Mama was determined. The doctor excused himself and Lisa leapt from the exam table and started jumping up and down in teh air to get the lil' trickster to show his cards. Damn if it didn't work. The doc cam back post-jumping jacks and saw the scrotum (again, his word) and we're off to the blue store."

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