Friday, November 19, 2010

Today I am...28 weeks pregnant.

A few monumental things happened this week. One, I had to switch over to full panel maternity jeans. Do you know what those are? They look ridiculous if you see them without a shirt. Because starting below the belly, there is this sheer elastic fabric that comes up right beneath your bra. So attractive. But, guess what? They are comfortable as hell. So I’m not sorry that I had to make the transition.

Then mid-way through this week, John finally felt the little guy kick!! I’ve been convinced in the past that he was kicking so hard that John HAD to be able to feel him. But no. Yet, lo and behold, one night this week I was laying in bed and the baby was going crazy. John put his hand on my belly and finally felt him! Thank goodness. I was beginning to fear that John thought I was making it all up.

This week I also got the results from my gestational diabetes test. Negative! I was so glad because I was dreading having to go back for the 5 hour version of the test. The doc did say I had a slightly low iron level so now I get to take iron supplements in addition to my prenatal vitamins.

And now, the stats:

How far along: 28 weeks

Baby Development: The little guy can open and close his eyes. Good to hear because we have a pretty awesome pool and we want him to be able to open his eyes underwater.

Baby Movement: Finally can feel it from the outside.

Water Intake: I’m sucking it down at my desk with my handy straw.

Best Moment of the Week: Definitely watching John feel the lil’ guy moving inside me. Totally amazing.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Making sure he comes out healthy.

Symptoms: My belly is no joke now. I look pregnant.

Sleep Quality: Certainly not what it used to be.

Food Cravings: Trail mix. Heavy on the M&Ms.

What I miss: Sushi. Ohh, delightful albacore how I miss you.

What I’m Looking Forward to: More and more movement from the little guy.

Trying to get done before baby: Buy a new family room rug that isn’t toxic.

John's POV: “I think I felt him once before this, but it was this one lonely little pulse, and wasn’t sure if it was the real deal or not. This week was. He’s swinging for the fences now.”

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