Friday, December 10, 2010

Today I am...31 weeks pregnant.

Ahh, week 31. A pretty tough week because of work. It was our first week of shooting on this little superhero movie and it was a long one. Shooting means up before 5 for the hour-long commute and not getting home until 9:30 or so. And that’s me leaving early because I’m the “poor pregnant woman”. I feel a little silly walking around set with a giant belly but no one really seems to mind. Or really take notice. Not sure if it’s because of the long hours (I guess I don’t need an MD to see that) but I am the most tired I’ve been so far. Absolutely exhausted when I get home.

This past weekend we got a Christmas tree and decorated the whole house for the holiday. It is one of my favorite things to do because I love this time of year!

And now, for the stats:

How far along: 31 weeks

Baby Development: The lil’ guy is apparently as big as a bag of oranges and can now suck his thumb.

Baby Movement: Lots of moving and he seems to get the hiccups a lot. That’s funny.

Water Intake: Not bad. Not good. Maybe 8 glasses a day?

Best Moment of the Week: Having my amazing husband put up the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Those first few weeks after birth. Okay, first few months. Sounds like we’re in for a rough ride.

Symptoms: Tired, sleepy, achy.

Sleep Quality: I’m trying not to disturb John’s sleep too much with all of my tossing and turning.

Food Cravings: Pasta and red sauce (which leads to heartburn!)

What I miss: Staying up past 10pm. Although, let’s be honest, I was always in bed by 11 pre-pregnancy.

What I’m Looking Forward to: San Diego baby shower coming up.

Trying to get done before baby: all of my Christmas shopping.

John's POV: “We had some friends over to help trim the tree/give Lisa a pat on the butt for aging. After everyone left I gave Lisa one last gift, an ornament with the name we’ve picked out for the trickster. No one else got to see it, and we put it in the back somewhere just in case company came a’callin’. I love the name we’ve picked out, but I’ve started warning people that despite the suspense we’re building by delaying the unveiling, it’s going to be an underwhelming reveal. This is where the parental narcissism that every expecting couple goes through clouds your judgment. No one’s gonna really get blown away by a child’s name. We’ve not invented a new way to combine consonants and we’re not using an umlaut. But expecting parents do sort of feel that way. And who’s to say they shouldn’t? It means a lot to us. And probably holding onto the info a little bit longer makes it even a little more precious. Forgive us. And do us the favor of feigning wonderment when we send you a text at 2am after 36 hours of labor with the reveal. Thanks.”

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