Friday, December 17, 2010

Today I am...32 weeks pregnant.

This past week was huge! Probably my busiest week yet. It started off with a birthday party for my one-year-old nephew, Johnny. He is easily the cutest baby I have ever seen (and I say when I think a baby is ugly so this is no lie). Unfortunately, that means our little guy is in for a rough ride when taking pictures side by side with Johnny, but he’ll have to learn to cope. He certainly won’t be a blonde haired, blue eyed, Gerber baby. Then that same night we had Christmas party to attend. I managed to stay up until 11:30 or so but when I got home I was in for a rude awakening. I took off my high-heeled boots which had felt tight all day (after 14 hours in them) and found someone else’s legs attached to my waist. I mean, they must have been my legs but my calves were as big as my torso and my ankles were non-existent. I have never seen such a thing. As I stood in the bathroom and freaked out, John assured me that it was only because I was on my feet all day and this wasn’t going to last the duration of my pregnancy. I was skeptical. I mean, what in the hell did he know? How many times had he been pregnant? But, following his advice, I got into bed, and hoped to find a different pair of legs in the morning. And what do you know? Voila. In the morning my legs were back. Granted, they were nothing to write home about in the first place but I was happy to have them. The next day was my San Diego baby shower and it was a ton of fun. Friends, family, and presents galore!

Today was my last day at work and it happy and a little bittersweet. I am happy to not have to get up at 5am, not get home at 9:30pm, not get out of breath every time I trek to set. But the goodbyes were hard because it’s hard to leave a movie before it’s finished. Hard to go home knowing they’ll be there for the next 5 months, finishing the movie. But I did get a lot of nice things said to me and a few gifts which were appreciated.

Enough about that, on to the stats:

How far along: 32 weeks

Baby Development: Baby is a large jicama (?) and starting to gain weight fast.

Baby Movement: Bigger movements rather than small kicks and jabs.

Water Intake: Decent. But going to work in 40 degree weather is putting a damper on my iced water intake.

Best Moment of the Week: Saying goodbye to my long work commute.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: post-partum recovery and the terrible things your body goes through.

Symptoms: More of the same. Achiness, heartburn, uncomfortable.

Sleep Quality: Ahh, I remember when sleep was quality.

Food Cravings: Breakfast burritos

What I miss: Being able to walk at a normal adult pace, rather than a mosey.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Sleeping in next week!

Trying to get done before baby: Putting up the pretty wall decals in the nursery.

John's POV: “The mosey is the standard pace of my dad. It is a slow-down-and-take-it-all-in pace. And it’s the only pace that Lisa can do in the morning. At night, she operates at roughly a double-mosey. The reward of getting home, getting into PJs, and getting off her feet is what helps her take it to the next gear. We did a lot of moseying at the studio since it’s a long-ass walk from the parking garage, and part of me will miss it. We got really lucky with our jobs for this pregnancy. Surrounded by lovely people, able to steal away for a mid-day visit, commuting through unbearable traffic together, moseying together. Hopefully we haven’t been spoiled by it.”

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