Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About the name...

So a funny thing happened when John and I got pregnant. We started talking about names (of course, the best part of having a baby) and we came to one conclusion. We both only liked one boy name. And, miraculously, we both liked the same one boy name. Boy names tend to be pretty pedestrian unless you're planning on giving birth to the next great NBA or NFL star. Dhani? Plaxico? D'Brickashaw? Seeing as how neither of us are purebred athletes, we thought we'd stay away from those. Although Donovan (a la McNabb) made a big push. So if we weren't going sporty we could go Hollywood. Would be appropriate since both of us live such a glamorous LA lifestyle. Pilot? Zuma? Bronx? No, that just would not do.

But, like I said, it wasn't really an issue because the one name both John and I liked was Jack. It's a strong simple name. A main character's name. A hero's name. That's why they use it for a lot of fictional TV and film characters. Jack Bauer. Jack Ryan. Jack Sparrow. Jack Dawson. Jack Shephard. Jack Kelly. (if you get that last one, you're awesome.) Plus Jack was John's grandfather's name and "Jack Dutch" is also John's nickname. So it was always Jack. From about week 5. Took some of the fun out of playing the name game for 9 months, but oh well. The one thing that gave me pause about Jack was that it was so popular. But I figured we didn't know any kids with that name so we were in the clear.

As for girls' names, we did have an awesome girl's name. One we really liked with a perfect middle name too. But I never thought we'd use it. We'll keep it though, just in case.

And about Jack's middle name... Nunzio. We had a couple more traditional middle names in the mix but, in the end, we decided they all made him sound like a blueblood Kennedy or something. So we wanted something different. On kind of a whim I suggested Nunzio. Now, it's a well known joke in my family that Nunzio is my grandpa's middle name and he HATES it. A lot. Which is of course why his kids call him Nunz. But while Grandpa hates it, we started to say "Jack Nunzio" out loud and thought it sounded kind of cool. I liked the idea of doing an Italian name because our last name is so German. And of course we could pay tribute to one of the greatest grandpas around. Also, loosely translated, Nunzio means God's messenger or the announcer which is pretty damn cool.

So, there it is. Jack Nunzio. We kept it a secret all those months but we told you not to build it up because it wouldn't be something groundbreaking. Hope you like it.


  1. Can I still call him Treasure? :)

    Jack Nunzio is perfect! I love it. And we had a similar deal when we picked Leo- it was my Dad's middle name- but he HATED it too.

    Though now- he's come around.

    Great blog! Go Team Nunzio Dietrick!

  2. Jack Donaghy approves!

  3. Love your blog! Not only is the name important, but also the initials. My husband's name if Peter Michael Starkman - need I say more?

  4. Love the name and the backstory.

  5. I love the name. Nunzio is wonderful. The only Jack I know is 60. I've met none in all the Mommy groups I've been in, so I think it's not that common.

    I had the same idea with the middle name being Spanish because the other two sound so German.