Friday, January 7, 2011

Today I am...35 weeks pregnant.

Five weeks away from D-day. We had a good week. We got a tour of the Good Samaritan hospital where I’ll be delivering. Not the nicest hospital in LA, that’s for sure. But I do love my doctor and this is the place she’s affiliated with so I’m sure it’ll be fine. Just hope the nurses on duty that day are nice and helpful. The postpartum/recovery room is tiny but I guess that means less visitors. We also had the doctor’s appointment we’d been waiting for – the one where we go to a special perinatologist for a measuring ultrasound. These weight estimates can be so far off but our doctor told her that she estimated our little guy would be around 8 to 8.25 pounds at delivery. 63rd percentile. That’s all well and good, unless he’s over a week late and we’re talking a 9 pounder. No one wants that.

We also had my mom and sister up which was great. Finally got some nursing bras, which I hear are helpful while breastfeeding. I had the distinction of the saleswoman telling me I was the hardest woman to fit for a bra that she’d ever had. Yeah, I know. I get that a lot. I also finally had to bite the bullet and get diapers, wipes, etc. for the baby. It just still seems so far away for me but mom was right…time to get prepared.

And now for the stats:

How Far Along: 35 Weeks

Baby Development: Pretty sure he’s over 5.5 pounds. The emails tell me his physical development is pretty much done and now he’s just going to put on some weight. Sounds like a pretty sweet life.

Baby Movement: Still moving around in there. Sometimes it’s a giant jolt like an earthquake.

Water Intake: Definitely lacking now that I’ve been home a while. I need to get on that.

Best Moment of the Week: Hearing at our special ultrasound appointment that I was one of those “extremely normal” women where everything looked average and great with the baby.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: I really don’t want my belly button to pop. It hasn’t yet but…

Symptoms: I think the little guy has finally dropped because my heartburn has lessened (yay!) but my trips to the bathroom have become more frequent. Thank god I’m not working so no one else has to see me get up and go to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

Sleep Quality: Terrible. Why don’t they tell you that you won’t be able to sleep? The books force you to sleep on your side but, guess what? All of that weight (and it’s A LOT) practically kills your hip so you have to rotate sides all the time. With a body pillow in tow and a giant belly, that’s not that easy. And I’m pretty sure John never sleeps through my grunts and hard work every time I do it.

Food Cravings: Pancakes. Which is so weird because I haven’t made pancakes myself in probably 10 years.

What I miss: Sleeping like a rock

What I’m looking forward to: One day being able to run errands without using so many public restrooms

Trying to get done before baby: Cleaning out our filing cabinet and reorganizing that whole closet.

John's POV: “I’m back to the studio for a couple weeks and the commute isn’t quite as enjoyable. Now it just feels like a long friggin’ drive and a long friggin’ walk. I still check on Lisa via IM, but it’s not the same. See? I got spoiled. Of course, it’s a cush couple of weeks with late INs and early OUTs. What am I going to do when I get a real movie job again when I’m working 60+ hours a week bare minimum? A bridge to road rage across as I slowly crawl towards its entrance ramp.”

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