Thursday, February 24, 2011

La Leche esta aqui!

I'm hoping that means "the milk is here!" It's been a while since high school Spanish. But after our 12 hour formula sojourn, my milk came in. So that solved problem one. But Jack was/is still having trouble latching so we had a lactation consultant come visit. LC's are quite popular nowadays and, while I didn't know how worthwhile it would be, this woman was worth her weight in gold. She spent three hours with us, going over Jack's long 3-day history, different latches, and helped us breastfeed for 90 minutes. She was fantastic. She left and we were confident we could do everything she had taught us. Of course, we hit a few bumps in the road but we're all doing better. Jack's been feeding away and I'm confident he's gaining weight. Well, I'm mostly confident. A few 2am meltdowns shake that confidence sometimes, but most of the time, Jack is an angel. Here he is, pretty damn mellow, after a nice long feeding.

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  1. Congrats lady! Love this photo. Have to admit, now all I can see is John giving the stink eye. But it is sooo cute on jacks little mug! With dancing monkeys. :)