Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

Excuse the Christmas pajamas. We figure that if all he's going to do is poop and urinate on his clothes, an outdated Christmas outfit is fine.

Jack may not have been into watching the Oscars but he was nice enough to nap on mom's lap for almost the entire three hours. What a gift to his tired mom. It would have been nice for the Academy to reciprocate with a decent telecast but I can easily say that was the worst Oscars I have ever seen. I knew Hathaway and Franco would either be a spectacular failure or success, I just didn't guess that Franco wouldn't even try. I've seen him try harder in a "Daily Show" interview. For some reason he decided that hosting the Oscars would be better while stoned so he seemed pretty out of it. Poor Hathaway tried her hardest and I do think she's likable, but it was clear she knew they were in trouble and she was getting desperate. Combine that with the most predictable roster of winners in any year in memory and you've got a dud of a show. The one bright spot for me was watching Billy Crystal take total command of the stage as a sad reminder of what a charismatic host can do. I miss him. Though I know one day he will be back. Just hope it's sometime soon.

At least the red carpet fashion was interesting this year. Sadly I don't have time with Jack on my lap to link to pics of all the dresses, but I did have some favorites and least favorites. I think I really disliked:
Nicole Kidman's white structural scary gown
Marisa Tomei's hideous a-symetrical mermaid gown
Melissa Leo's frightening arts and crafts matron dress
Jennifer Hudson's hairdo and weird cleavage (if I had just lost 80 pounds, I would have brought it a little more)

Amused by:
Helena Bonham Carter's usual crazy fare (though I would have liked her a little more crazy)
Cate Blanchett's high fashion structured dress

And my favorites:
Jennifer Lawrence's slinky red dress
Reese Witherspoon's simple black and white
Sandra Bullock's show stopping red gown
Mila Kunis' lavender lace gown
(shockingly) Natalie Portman's burgundy bump dress


  1. Man....those Oscars were wince inducing. I was so angry at my TV. I wish I had had a squishy cute baby on my lap to make them more tolerable. Sucky all around. xo-Leigh

  2. Oh, how I've missed the Lisa awards-season fashion round up!

  3. even if they did suck, i still missed watching them with my ladies! i'm thinking violet can eat menchie's by next year.