Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Things I could not have lived without

As my days as a pregnant lady start to wane, I find myself looking back at a time that has flown by. I didn't have it as hard as some other people, but I must say that there are some things I could have never done without. I survived only because of these things...
  • Body Pillow - Definitely the most important I think. I didn't get one of those crazy pregnancy ones that wrap all around the front and back of your body. Don't think I would have had room for that type unless I kicked John out of bed. But just your normal straight long body pillow. Absolutely a lifesaver.
  • Breakfast burritos - I know I've mentioned this tasty breakfast option many times before, but I am very serious. Eggs saved me this pregnancy and there no better way to eat eggs then wrapped in a tortilla with cheese and salsa. Yum!
  • Activia yogurt - Yeah, it's not glamorous but this was necessary with all the damn iron and vitamins they pump in you. Besides, it's delicious with granola!
  • Decaf Vanilla Nonfat Latte - Before pregnancy, my morning routine usually consisted of a Starbucks run. It wasn't totally for the caffeine, more for the ritual. While I held off on decaf coffee the first trimester, I allowed myself to have decaf around week 20. Let me tell you, those lattes are delicious and helped me feel human every morning.
  • Gap Maternity v-neck T-shirts - Pretty much all I wore pre-pregnancy were v-neck t-shirts from the Gap. So it makes sense that all I wore during pregnancy were the maternity version.
  • Yoga Pants - I should probably call these pajama pants though because, while I wear them to bed every night, I have yet to do yoga in them. But the same stretchy pants I wore every night pre-pregnancy, I still wear every night at 9 months. That's some stretchy fabric.
  • Bra Extenders - These helped me wear my old bras for a while after they got too tight. Of course, eventually I had to buy new bras but this delayed the purchase for a while.
  • Motherhood Maternity store - My mom and I raided the Motherhood store twice during this pregnancy and I came away with the majority of items I've worn every single day. Jeans, work shirts, and the super important, long cardigan sweaters.
  • Liquid Maalox - Oh Maalox. My good friend. I thought all chewable tablet antacids were gross but this chalky liquid was much easier to swallow. Middle of the night, heartburn going crazy, I just popped up (okay, more like a slow roll), opened the fridge, and took swigs straight from the bottle.
  • Babycenter.com emails - When you find out you're pregnant you sign up for a ton of emails and newsletters. But I found the BabyCenter ones to be the best. They always reassured me that all my symptoms were completely normal.
  • Moccasin Slippers - Towards the end of my pregnancy, I shuffled around the house in these comfy things. My bare feet couldn't handle all the weight and who wants to put on real shoes?
  • Angel Sounds Fetal Heart Doppler - I am definitely a worrier and too many times I was worried that the lil' guy wasn't moving enough. So we bought this super inexpensive device that actually worked really well. The headphones looked like they were from 1980 and the plastic monitor felt cheap, but it worked like a charm. Well worth the $25 for peace of mind.
  • Awesome husband - I highly recommend this last one. Truly a lifesaver.

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  1. So much fun to read this blog! I had to comment, I bought the Angel Sounds too, it's pretty awesome for $25 and nothing can give you peace of mind like hearing that your baby is ok. And Babycenter does rock, even (maybe especially) for me now, the second time around when I have already forgotten a LOT about pregnancy. Congrats again, welcome to mommyhood!