Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today I am...41 weeks pregnant.

Well, I guess I knew I would make it to 41 weeks. Studies show that first time moms usually go a week over their due date. To that I would say, then why don't doctors make the due date at 41 weeks? Or why don't weekly pregnancy email updates go up to 41 weeks? Or why have almost all my friends not gone past their due date? I'm not expecting any answers, just hoping for a baby soon. I certainly have tried to naturally induce labor but, to no avail. But I really did try every thing I had heard. To date, I think I've tried: evening primrose oil, raspberry leaf tea, spicy Chinese food, spicy Indian food, "labor" cookies, pineapple, "the maternity salad" at an LA restaurant, eggplant parmesan, bouncing on a birthing ball, walking miles a day, drinking lots of water, massage, and acupuncture. Also had the doctor "strip the membranes" and that didn't work either. So, yes, apparently babies come when they feel like it. Of course, it's easy to say such a thing but harder to accept when you're sitting around waiting. I had pretty much finished prepping the house and nursery weeks ago, so there wasn't much to do this past week.

There were lots of doctor's appointments and acupuncture appointments though. I must say, acupuncture is fairly amazing. It didn't send me into labor but I do believe it stimulated the uterus and some mild contractions. I could feel the baby and the uterus going crazy while I had the needles in various parts of my body. My doctor said I had made a little progress (not much) but that the baby looked okay and thought it would be okay to go until 41 1/2 weeks. The little guy keeps passing his non-stress test with flying colors. His heartbeat sounds good and, at the same time, the monitor also tracks my contractions. I maintain that I've yet to have a contraction but the monitor seems to think I'm having one. All I have to say is that if contractions are as painless and unobtrusive as these, I'll be completely fine in labor.

We saw the doc again on Wednesday and my amniotic fluid was 'borderline' low. Today we're going back to see her to check fluids again. I'm hoping with as much rest as I've been taking along with the 100 ounces of water a day, we'll be fine to wait until Monday. That's our plan.

***Well, I was wrong. Later that day we saw our doctor who told us the amniotic fluid was too low and that it would be best to check into the hospital and have this baby now. But what? I left the house without emptying the dishwasher and taking out the trash! But into the hospital we went and over 24 hours later, little Jack was born. More on that story later....

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