Monday, March 28, 2011


It is obvious to everyone that sees Jack that he looks just like his daddy. And he does, no argument. We'll see how his face changes as he gets older but, for now, he's daddy's lil' clone which is awesome. He even got his dad's amazingly long eyelashes. (This pic doesn't do them justice.)

But, upon closer review, Jack did get a few of my traits, for better or worse. Mainly, what I like to summarize as "giant extremities". There are his big ears with big flapping earlobes. Just like mine.

Then there are his flippers for feet, just like mine.

But, most glaringly, he has the biggest hands! Giant.

They are basically meathooks. John swears that he better excel in basketball or the piano. I mean, look at those things, they are as big as his face!

And he loves flailing them around and making crazy hand gestures. My mother-in-law says that how she knows he's Italian...because he's already talking with his hands.

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  1. You make me laugh! Love my little grandson. Miss you all. Mom