Saturday, March 26, 2011

Today Jack is...5 weeks old.

Five weeks old and, to celebrate, the poor guy had his fussiest day ever. I don't know if it's gas or a growth spurt of something else, but he hasn't stopped crying from 6am to now. As I write this daddy is dealing with a screaming infant but, hey, blog posts must be written.

But, overall, 5 weeks old looks good on Jack. He's smiling and laughing more which is great. He still won't nap during the day unless his in my arms or in my lap which makes chores and meals very difficult. (Probably explains my messy house). We've tried to establish a bedtime routine which involves a nice warm bath. He finally has stopped screaming while in the water and now cautiously enjoys it I think. We still don't get giant smiles while in the tub, but I think he's enjoying it, just doesn't want to admit it in case something terrible happens. After debating putting him to bed awake and letting him cry at night (and attempting it one night), we decided to just forget it and we'll readdress sleep training when he's a little older. For now, just doing a nighttime routine has helped him sleep a little longer for his first stretch of the night so that's good.

After his two disastrous car seat rides to the doctor, we promised him we'd drive him to somewhere special. That special place? Target.

You can't tell, but I think he really fell in love with that store. And we got to buy some bigger onesies because he was growing out of his little ones. And some more pictures from this week...


  1. Jack certainly wears a hood well - SO cute!

  2. what bright eyes! Love how he's growing.