Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today Jack is...2 weeks old

Two weeks old today. In some ways time has flown others, the nights seem never-ending. :-) But the lil' guy is definitely getting bigger and more alert. He knows the sound of mom and dad and likes to stay awake a little bit more after feedings. I wish "awake" always translated to "silently alert" but he's still often fussy. I don't think that'll subside for a few months. The past couple of nights he's insisted on only sleeping on our chests. For now, we'll take the sleep where we can get it. Other things he enjoys are bouncing on the exercise ball (the only sure way to soothe him), his Fisher-Price lamb swing, and the motion of a stroller or car ride. Oddly enough, he hates the pacifier so that's been no use to us. He's getting a little less cranky on the changing table but maybe that's because he's been so pleased with himself the few times he's pooped all over daddy.

He definitely loves his daddy

Getting used to living on the changing table

Happy to be in a monkey outfit or happy to be so funky?


  1. Ken recognizes the Funk shirt. Hope he's keeping it nice for Jack to inherit!

  2. These photos are adorable.

    Simon never liked the pacifier either. Once Jack finds his thumb, he'll be a happy guy (and besides, at least you won't have to worry about him dropping it on the ground....)

  3. Um, he's definitely happy about being a monkey. :)

    Johnny never liked pacifiers either and he never enjoyed sucking on his thumb... which translated into my boobs becoming pacifiers. I would recommend avoiding that if at all possible, not just for the sake of your nipples, but for the sake of getting a full night's sleep before the first year is over!