Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today Jack is...4 weeks old.

For those of you doing the math, he is one month old! It's amazing how much he's changed in 4 weeks. Physically, his features are more defined and mentally, he's so alert. My favorite times of the day are those 15 minutes or so at a time where he is a) awake, b) not crying, and c) just looking around and smiling. He loves all the bright colors and things on the nursery walls. He can stare at that stuff forever. The little guy really has started smiling more and I think this past week I heard what can only be described as a laugh. He still doesn't love baths but we're working on that. And at night he's certainly not sleeping 3 1/2 or 4 hours at a time like some of his peers, but, hey, at least he seems healthy and I can't help it if breastmilk is so enticing that he wants it every hour.

We're not sure how much he's grown but we'll find out at his one-month doctor's appointment this week. I'm guessing he's done a good amount of growing based on the hours of breastfeeding I've logged. Daddy went back to work this past week but he's done an amazing job of getting up for every feeding at night and doing all the diaper duty. A much appreciated respite for myself. And, luckily, I've been feeling pretty good. Not totally back to normal but I like going on walks with him and am not sore anymore. What the baby books don't tell you is that you don't lose your pregnancy weight from lose if from literally not being able to feed yourself much all day. It's a great diet that they should market to the public. Just have an infant or, if not, a doll, that you're not allowed to take your two hands off all day. Then see how much ice cream and brownies and burritos people can eat.

Anyways, happy birthday Jack! You're pretty awesome!


  1. I am in awe of his cuteness!!! When can we meet?!!

  2. I'm glad he's digging the penguin onesie. My students would like that!

  3. the penguin onesie is one of my favorites! long sleeves...

  4. just catching up on the blog. man, he is so cute, lisa!!