Friday, March 18, 2011

You do what you have to do

This week has been...well...different, without a husband, grandparent, or aunt to help take care of Jack during the day. I'd say difficult but who wants to hear about that? Actually, nevermind. Yes, it's been hard. It would be so much easier if I had a third arm. You never realize how much you actually need two hands to do basic daily tasks. So when you have to take care of an infant all day who can't hold his head up, let alone stay in an upright position by himself, you get creative. You may sit him in a bouncy seat in the bathroom in order to get that much needed hot shower. Even if it is about 10 minutes shorter than usual. You may strap him to the front of your body in a carrier and attempt to eat lunch, only to drop some pieces of food onto his head. You may play Queen's "Under Pressure" on repeat over 30 times (no lie) because it seems to calm him down. You may walk around with spit up all over your shirt all day because you can't find one minute to change. You may eat sour patch kids because you're starving and it's the only handy snack you can manage. (and those sour patch kids may make you very sick because you have an empty stomach.)

You may also find yourself with a sleeping baby on your chest for 2 1/2 whole hours and you use those precious hours to unwind and watch "Morning Glory" on pay-per-view. And, let me tell you, if you did that, you'd be pissed you wasted your time, let alone your $5.99. How you could take a clever concept and great actors with chemistry and flush it all down the toilet, I don't know. I blame the terrible director and writer. If I could have moved without waking up Jack, I would have. Instead, I sat there like a prisoner. Damn you Harrison Ford.


  1. The dropping food on baby's head phenomena is not even hinted at in the baby books.

  2. That whole last paragraph is hysterical, Lisa.

    And yes to the whole food-dropping thing. But I always figured that as long as it wasn't anything too hot, it was fine. In fact, given how particular Simon is about things, I probably should have dropped more food on his head.

  3. seriously, go ahead and drop even more food on his head because he's going to have his revenge soon enough .