Saturday, May 28, 2011

Today Jack is...14 weeks old.

Besides our ongoing nighttime sleep battles, Jack has been really cute during the day time. This week his face sort of cleared more eye goop, no baby acne. I don't know if it'll come back, but right now he looks like a very handsome little boy. He's even getting some real hair.

We've been trying new things every day (mom gets bored) and so far most of them have been successful. His head is almost strong enough for the Bumpo Seat.

Though he still refuses to sleep in his crib, I've started to put him in there to "play" so at least he'll get used to it. He loves it in there, looking at the mobile, at the tree wall decals, at the colorful decorations. Now that the weather's warmer, we've also started hanging out outside more. Jack LOVES the backyard. We got a picnic blanket and we lay out there for about 30 minutes every day. He really likes looking up at the trees (and at mom and dad).

He likes going on walks in the Baby Bjorn (the stroller is on the "no" list for him right now). Of course, it's been a bit sunny so a hat is required. Which pretty much means people can only see his eyes. But strangers still comment on how cute he is.

It doesn't work all the time, but he is getting really good at just sitting with us. No bouncing, no walking. Of course, those things are still required when he's upset but it's so nice just to sit and chill with him.

And now, more pictures from this week!

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