Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brunching at leisure

The past four months have been filled with take-out meals and what I can prepare in ten minutes with one hand. I think I've actually sat down in a real restaurant (real = waiters) two times since the little guy's been a part of this world. But all that is changing. Slowly. Today he actually let his dad and mom go to a restaurant, sit down, order brunch, and eat the whole thing at a normal pace. Of course, there were a few variables that had to have been in play for it to work. First, outdoor seating. A must since Jack loves looking around at everything. Two, fast fast service. I think our meal was at our table about 5 minutes after we ordered. But three, and most importantly, his new stroller! Well, not new as it's been sitting in the corner of our living room for five months. But new to him. We finally put him in his forward facing stroller and ditched the infant car seat one. I know it's a little early because he doesn't weigh that much (or is it? wait, am I supposed to read the directions?) but he loves it. Not surprising since he loves the Baby Bjorn because he can face out. So he smiled the whole time in his new ride and we got to have a very pleasant brunch. (which included the best pumpkin pancakes you will ever eat.) Thanks Jack!

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  1. Yesss! That's what I love to hear! Well done Jack. Also, WOW could you be any cuter?