Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a difference 4 weeks makes

This past weekend we went down to San Diego again. Four weeks after our disastrous car trip that ended in a one way train ticket back to LA. But the little guy had been doing so much better in the car so I had high hopes. Turns out he killed it. Just nailed the car ride down. Two hours without a single cry. He slept for about 30 minutes but the rest of the time we just played in the back seat and sang songs. It was heavenly. Oh, and he took a pacifier.

We had a great time in San Diego though, sadly, I didn't document most of it. I went to a baby shower on Saturday where I stupidly took not a single picture of the mommy-to-be Nikki, nor none of my friends, but I did take a photo of the giant dinosaur made out of diapers.

John watched Jack during that time (about 3 1/2 hours) and it was the longest I'd been away from him. I'd like to say I missed him (ok, I did a little) but it sure was amazing to eat a meal with two hands and at my leisure. I met back up with John and Jack afterwards and found this scene.

Dads and their babies. Pretty cute. We hung out with my family at night and didn't take a single picture. But I got to see my cute nephew and very pregnant sister-in-law so it was fun.

The next day I had another baby shower and, because this time I was juggling Jack, didn't get to take many pictures. But here are a few that I grabbed on my phone.

Guest of honor with her cute son Simon.

Taryn and Jack...their first meeting.

Jack getting a lot of attention from the other kids.

Soft focus pic courtesy of Stacey. Thanks for the filter.

The drive back to LA was not as smooth as the first, only because we hit traffic and a two hour drive took almost three and a half. We had to stop half way to feed him because he was going ballistic. And then about 20 minutes from home he freaked out again. But again, he slept a little! No complaints here. He's an angel.


  1. that picture of the dads is classic! beers in the background, a theme i recognize from many of my own baby pictures.

  2. It was so great to finally meet Jack! He is obviously even cuter in person :) And I'm still impressed by how good the kids were at the shower. I'm so grateful that you and Stacey made the drive down!