Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adorable. Cute. Handsome. Expressive. Charming.

Jack really is pretty damn cute. Both John and I can't believe it and constantly marvel at it every day. That may sound ridiculous but we were perfectly prepared to have a baby that wasn't adorable. Not all babies are. I mean, in the end it doesn't matter because giant round babies can grow up to be slim models and cute babies don't necessary make for cute kids. But we really didn't think we'd combine for a commercial-worthy baby. But somehow (in my biased opinion), we did.

Everywhere we go, people remark on how cute the little guy is. People in stores can't get enough of him. A woman in the grocery store today came up and told me with glee that she "didn't know they sold adorable babies here and what aisle could she find him in"? A woman at the mall the other week walked with us from one store to another, about 60 yards, just to talk to Jack. And then this morning we were in Starbucks when a business man, about 50 years old approached us. Dressed in a suit, he wasn't the typical obvious Jack fan that I usually come across. But he said "I have to tell you, your baby is really cute. I mean, you always say a baby is cute but most of the time they're ugly. But your baby really is ridiculously cute. Good job." Good job indeed.


  1. Seriously. Jack is very cute. And I am with you on being prepared to have a not-cute kid. Simon goes through cute phases and weird phases (for instance, there was a period of a couple of months recently when Dan and I agreed that he was looking a little weird for some reason that we couldn't quite put our finger on, but he grew out of it). At least so far he hasn't gotten stuck in a weird phase, although I'm sure that time will come in middle school, at least.

  2. I was completely prepared to have a less cute kid too. Mijo stops traffic, makes people's day, and draws comments from other moms. I still feel bad sometimes when he draws all the attention at a park (It doesn't hurt that he smiles at everyone and laughs infectiously. He's a happy child.).

    Now I'm just worried my next one won't be cute and that N's parents will tell that kid forever how much cuter mijo was (They do that with N's sister who was not a pretty baby and I always feel bad for her.).

  3. t, you're funny. and john and i are both convinced that J will hit a ridiculously awkward phase in middle school just like we did.

    and rosina, that so sad about N's sister! but I can see how parents fall into that.