Friday, July 15, 2011

Five for Friday: Chick Flicks

Trying out something new that I hope to do every Friday. Because don't people need a break from pictures of the little guy? (I promise they won't all be about movies.)

My Top 5 Chick Flicks:

5. Dirty Dancing
4. Sixteen Candles
3. While You Were Sleeping
2. Pretty Woman
1. When Harry Met Sally

What are yours?


  1. 5. The English Patient
    4. You've Got Mail
    3. Love Actually
    2. Down with Love
    1. Bridget Jones's Diary

    I wish I could put Four Weddings and a Funeral on this list, but unfortunately Andie Macdowell is too terrible in that movie.

    I'm also slightly alarmed by the number of times that Renée Zellweger shows up on this list, but i'ts really about Ewan McGregor and Colin Firth. Also, since Colin Firth shows up three times, I can see why everyone thinks I'm obsessed with him. I'm actually not that obsessed, relative to my other celeb crushes - not that anyone believes me.....

  2. When Harry Met Sally was the first movie that Kyle and I saw together and our first dance was "It Had To Be You." Good pick!

  3. nice fun times post! this i harder than i thought! i tried to use what kevin wouldn't want to watch as a barometer of a true chick flick, which helped to cut "ten things i hate about you," "sixteen candles" and "clueless" from my list. to be fair, i'm sure he'll watch "when harry met sally," but i left it on there because, well, i just couldn't cut it.

    5. the cutting edge
    4. sabrina
    3. bridget jones's diary
    2. when harry met sally
    1. sense and sensibility

  4. Ooh. Stacey, you mentioned some that I totally forgot: Sabrina! Sense and Sensibility! I might have to bump The English Patient and swap it for Sabrina.

  5. It was really hard to leave out Bridget Jones. But Sabrina? Really? That's shocking to me.

    (Cutting Edge rules. Though I just saw it on TV and man is the ending cheesy).

  6. Sabrina is great! The Humphrey Bogart/Harrison Ford character is totally a modern Darcy.

  7. i've been waiting for a modernized darcy.

  8. No Girls Just Want to Have Fun? :P