Saturday, July 16, 2011

Today Jack is...21 weeks old.

The little guy is getting old right before our eyes. He can now sometimes stay awake for 2 hours at a time which means more walks and more outings. If I hustle, I can get a nice little stroller walk in every morning.

He's gotten more interested in putting everything in his mouth. Toys, rings, his fingers, my fingers, his feet, his shirt. Anything and everything goes in his mouth.

He also has become very interested in the food I'm eating. I've noticed him copying my chewing movement when I'm eating which is really cute. And the other day I was holding a bottle of water and him in one arm and he bent over and put his mouth around the bottle. This kid will be more than ready for solids at 6 months. Loves food just like his mama!

We got some new baby gear off of craigslist - a jumperoo. He might be a tad small for it because his feet barely touch the ground, but he seems to like it so far. And he looks pretty darn cute in it.

We also had our weekly baby group meetup at the local park. Babies on blankets everywhere.

It's kind of funny because Jack is seriously shy at these things. The other babies are smiling and rolling around and babbling and pawing at each other and he is very tentative. He usually likes to sit in my lap rather than lie on the blanket. And, this week, when we first got there, he just cried when a baby got too close or a mom tried to play with him. I don't know if this is a phase or if he just has a shy personality. I guess that wouldn't shock me since I was such a shy kid. But I'm hoping that as I expose him to other kids, he'll get less tentative.

And now, more pics from this week!

Where there's a will, there's a way. The fingers freed themselves.

Not sure what I caught him doing but he sure looks shocked.


  1. Simon says, looking at the pictures, "Hey! That little guy is very cute!"

  2. Lisa, he is sooo extra cute!! Absolutely precious; he looks more and more like a little boy every day. LOVE!

  3. Thanks Autumn! Him and Finn will have to have a playdate soon.