Friday, July 29, 2011

Five for Friday: Comfort Food

My 5 Favorite Comfort Foods when I'm happy/sad/grumpy/tired/angry/celebrating:

5. Cheese Quesadilla with salsa
4. Brownies (but no nuts!)
3. Breakfast Burrito
2. Pasta with homemade tomato sauce and lots of parmesan cheese
1. Frozen yogurt with mini chocolate chips (of course my favorite flavors are chocolate, cake batter, peanut butter, and mint)

What are yours?


  1. I have some of the same favorites!

    5. Instant ramen with an egg
    4. Cheese quesadilla with salsa
    3. Breakfast burrito or sandwich
    2. Indian food
    1. Frozen yogurt (favorite flavors are plain tart, cheesecake, and cookies & cream)

  2. I could only come up with three... probably because I'm supposed to be modeling a healthy diet for Johnny.

    3. Donuts!
    2. Mocha lattes from somewhere other than my kitchen
    1. Chocolate. Period.

    Seems I have quite the sweet tooth.

  3. my list is also all sweets, no surprise.

    5. frozen yogurt
    4. chocolate chip cookie + full fat cappuccino
    3. giant muffin
    2. gelato
    1. chocolate

  4. 5. Fried cheese curds
    4. Trader Joe's frozen lime bars
    3. Frozen custard
    2. Frozen yogurt
    1. Peanut butter cups

    This list makes it very clear that I live in Wisconsin.

  5. Becca, I still haven't had cheese curds! What a crime. Stacey, giant muffin is hysterical. Kelly, good job if you only indulge in 3 bad things. T, great minds...

  6. Oh, fried cheese curds. Man, I miss Wisconsin.

    I was tempted to put more desserts on my list, but I find that my problem is that whenever I eat dessert, I feel compelled to follow it with something savory anyway....

  7. I think both you ladies need to visit and we will go to the Old Fashioned for cheese curds.

  8. 5. Eggy rice (N's Japanese comfort food that I've adopted.)
    4. calabasitas ( Mexican dish w/ squash, tomato, corn, and cheese)
    3. Atole (Mexican-style oatmeal,all kinds)
    2. Reese's pieces
    1. anything on chips or a tortilla