Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today Jack is...23 weeks old.

Well, mark it. This is the week Jack starting eating solid food. Although "solid food" makes me laugh because rice cereal is basically a tiny bit thicker than breast milk with no discernible taste. Actually, that's not tastes bad. But no matter! The pediatrician said to start with that so start with that we did. Who am I to argue with 8 years of medical education and years of pediatric experience?

Day one was a failure as Jack pursed his lips and refused to let me put any food in his mouth. He squirmed, he cried, he wasn't into it. Day two was better and I actually got some in his mouth, though I'm not sure he swallowed it. But then day three! A revelation. Somehow he warmed up to it and was taking the spoon like a champ. He even cried if I didn't get it to his mouth fast enough. And when the bowl was empty? He threw a fit and I had to whisk him outside to distract him from the fact that there was no more food. Clearly, he's my child. Here's a video of him eating from yesterday. I apologize for the length but I forgot to trim it before I posted it to youtube.

He's been terrific this week and I marvel all day at how he's managed to get cuter every week. And so so expressive. He's not the most talkative babbling kid, but the way he quietly studies everything so intently is amazing. When we go outside or go on walks, I really feel like he's taking everything in. His favorite place is our backyard where he marvels at the trees, bushes, and tons of green leaves.

Okay, enough talk. Now more pics from the week!

Giving me the stink eye for taking yet ANOTHER picture


  1. Wow that video is cute. I'm so glad he warmed up to the cereal! That should help with weight gain and make you feel a little better it. Good job, momma!

  2. Yes, so cute! And way to go with the solid foods! Huzzah!

  3. Just wait until he meets our gelato guy!

  4. gobble gobble! That kid is gonna conquer Thanksgiving :)