Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 essentials for a 4 month old

Four months ago I wrote a post about the baby gear that we had found invaluable for the first two weeks. Well, I thought I'd update you with what we use most now and what Jack loves.

10. Video Monitor - We had originally registered for an inexpensive audio monitor and that was fine for the first few months. But now that Jack is in his own room and we're letting him cry a little and settle himself, I couldn't handle not seeing him. So I pooled all my Babies R' Us gift cards and splurged on this video monitor from Summer Infant. I think it is literally the most expensive one on the market but it got the best reviews. I figure you pay for quality and man, is this thing awesome. The video picture is ridiculously good and the monitor has a touch screen like an iPhone. You can pan and zoom the camera with a touch of a button from across the house. Amazing. And now I can spy on my kid.

9. Baby Bjorn - When the little guy is tired and in more of a cuddly mood, I wear him in the Ergo around the house. But when we venture out to shops and we're in crowds, he loves facing out in the Baby Bjorn and studying everything around him. We have the Comfort Bjorn which is supposed to be better for mom's back but I'm not sure it's true. If it is, I'm glad I don't have the regular one.

8. The big boy stroller aka the forward facing stroller - We've got a Chicco Cortina stroller which I really like. It's not fancy but it's sturdy and does the job. And now, like the Bjorn, he can face out and I don't have to carry him pressed up against my chest now that it's 95 degrees in the hot LA Valley.

7. Rockabye Baby CD's - We only have two albums (Lullaby versions of U2 and Queen songs) but I know they have hundreds and people love them all. (I hear the Kanye West one is great). Jack is particularly found of "Under Pressure" and we play it every single night before his bath.

6. Camp Songs - Sorry, there's no link because they are all in my brain. But I sing camp songs to him at least 20 times a day. It calms him down in the car, it can kill time before bedtime, and it can help put him to sleep at nap time. Amazing. I hope if you are going to have a baby soon that you were a camp counselor in your youth.

5. Bouncer Seat #2 - At two weeks I blogged about an inexpensive Fisher Price seat that we had gotten. It was great. Still is great. But it's nice to have TWO seats because I am constantly in search of a place to set the little guy down for a second while I do something. So we inherited this super sweet Ocean Wonders Aquarium bouncer seat and Jack loves it. The bar over the seat has water that makes bubbles and play a song. We have it in our master bathroom and I can set him in there and he'll let me take a shower and get ready for the day. Truly a lifesaver.

4. SwaddleMe wraps - This is a repeat from the earlier list but we still swaddle him and therefore use these 3 or 4 times a day. I am forever grateful for them because, if I leave the little guy unswaddled, he'll swat at his face, rub his eyes, and wake up in minutes.

3. Car seat toy bar - My son's car seat woes are well documented here and while he's slowly growing out of that phase (the one where he screams bloody murder every time we go anywhere), this toy bar helps a lot. He is fascinated by the frog and has learned how to push the eyes to make the song play. Endless minutes of fun.

2. Baby Bath Tub - I know some people can get away with just setting their baby in the tub or the sink, but we tried that with Jack and he won't have any of it. So I love that we have this Fisher Price tub that we use every night. The hammock part was great when he was a newborn and now he's grown into the second stage. And when he can sit up on his own we can take out the bumper and he can splash around the whole thing. Fantastic.

1. The ball - Oh the exercise ball. That damn ball. At two weeks it was such a miracle. No crying! And at 4 months I guess it's a mixed blessing. Yes, it still works and that's how we get him to fall asleep. The downside is that it's the ONLY thing that works. It's pretty much the only way he can fall asleep...on the ball. Man, did I create a bad habit. We are slowly working on weaning him off it but it'll be an uphill battle. Nonetheless, it's certainly something we couldn't live without so it gets the number one spot.


  1. Looks like there were some good purchases made in preparation for Jack!

    If I had it to do over again I would probably get a Lillebaby carrier for the reasons you mentioned. Mijo also liked to be in the carrier forward facing. This carrier is lighter than the Ergo too, which is nice in the heat.

  2. I really wish there were a link to the camp songs in your brain, since I'm going to start needing them again soon. The next time you need inspiration for a post, please type up some of the lyrics!

    much love,