Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Hop: 25 Things About Me

So one of the blogs I read was doing a Blog Hop so I thought I'd join in the fun. Besides, aren't you dying to know 25 random facts about me? Probably not. Unless you are the one reader tired of seeing cute pics of Jack. Anyways, here you go...

1. My first cassette tape was Madonna's "Like a Virgin".
2. I always, always, put my left contact lens in first and I don't think I could do it any other way.
3. I have watched the miniseries "North and South" about 50 times. This adds up to A LOT of hours of television.
4. The sound of nails being clipped makes me cringe. I have to go to the farthest end of the house to get away from the sound.
5. I can't leave Target without spending $75.
6. I have obviously cried at the end of "Beaches" and "Dead Man Walking", but I have also cried during "Freaky Friday" (La Lohan version) and "Father of the Bride".
7. Sometimes I do judge a book by it's cover. Forgive me.
8. In middle school I wore hideous floral denim shorts over longer spandex shorts with lace on the bottom. But so did everyone else.
9. I snuck into a 1998 World Series game in San Diego. Amazing what a little face paint and a Padres shirt can do.
10. I still have my wisdom teeth and I think my dentist is lying to me when he says I have to take them out "or else".
11. In high school I was paid to do calligraphy and personalize things. I guess my handwriting is okay.
12. I have slept on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles and in the bushes in south central LA. all in the name of ‘Oscar’.
13. I still get excited when I see famous people even though I've worked on movies and live in LA.
14. I love massages. Like a lot. If I was rich I'd get one every week.
15. I get air-sick. And car-sick. And sea-sick. I am not that fun to travel with obviously.
16. I wish I were 5'6" instead of 5'8".
17. I record "Saturday Night Live" every weekend with the hope that ONE of the sketches might be funny. They never are.
18. I've lived in a studio apartment with two other people.
19. I've only eaten in a sit-down restaurant by myself once and I will never do it again.
20. I can't stand carrots and celery. Or beer. Gross.
21. If they made a movie of my life I'd want Elisabeth Shue to play me. Circa 1984.
22. I hate eating meat on the bone. In fact, I don't really do it.
23. I hate New Year's Eve because you're "supposed" to have all this crazy fun and it's always a let-down.
24. I'm a Sagittarius which I think means I should like clubbing and sororities more.
25. Because of Oprah's hard-hitting episode, I fear I am wearing the wrong bra size.


  1. I just did this too! I love your list. Totally agree about SNL and Target. But I love being 5'8"!

  2. Erin, I'm glad someone #2 and 22. :)
    Lindsay, I like being 5'8" but I just can't wear heels because I tower over people. But, come to think of it, I hate heels because they hurt my feet. So maybe it's a blessing!

  3. elizabeth shue was my idol in the 80's! her hair was perfection.
    glad to have found your blog via leslie's party last night!

  4. Mamas should get a lifetime supply of free massages. Totally with you there!

  5. I'll take your two inches. I'd love to be 5'5". You have amazing writing.

    I'm totally with you on 19. I only did that when I was on a research trip. I'd text people, take a book, and I still felt lame. Started getting takeout after that.

  6. #5 is funny, #6 yep I've cried at Father of the Bride too. I hate celery, beer and meat on the bone. I agree with #23, and #12 & #13 fascinates me, how exciting to do that!!
    Great list's great to learn more about you :)
    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog too...and I love this picture of you!

  7. love it. i was hoping for some surprises and this did not disappoint. #4? i mean, i get it, gross, but i didn't realize how disturbing this was for you! and #19?? what if it's a brownie sundae?? also, #7, for shame! ;)