Friday, August 19, 2011

Five for Friday: Annoying Actors/Actresses

You know who didn't make this list? Julia Roberts. In a casual google search for annoying celebrities, the most popular ones were all people who don't push me over the edge. Yes, Julia has gotten more annoying over the years but "Pretty Woman" is a lifetime pass. People seem to hate Anne Hathaway but I don't find her annoying in interviews. "They" also seem to hate Drew Barrymore but that one I also disagree with. And Sean Penn is despised but I don't really find him despicable. So, here's my list...

My top 5 most annoying actors / actresses:

5. Will Ferrell
Last year I was thinking out loud to John and wondering if "The Other Guys" might be funny. He then asked me, have you ever liked a single Will Ferrell movie? Why, no, no I haven't. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Yes, he is annoying. And that opinion was cemented by his recent "Office" stint.

4. Jack Black
Ugh. So so annoying. Have you seen "The Holiday"? Worst casting ever.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow
Her newsletter GOOP has pushed me over the edge. I want to just think it's humorous but she's so terrible that I can't let her off the hook.

2. Katherine Heigl
It's amazing that when "Grey's Anatomy" debuted, I really liked her character. Now I think she's one of the most annoying celebrities ever. Just shows you what a few interviews can do to your career.

1. Scarlett Johansson
So. So. Bad.


  1. obviously we share some common hatred here, and this was hard to narrow down! i went with the angle of people who annoy me so much in real life that they ruin movies i might otherwise enjoy.

    5. nic cage - never could stand him, and the raising arizona argument has never swayed me. only un-ruined movie for me is the rock. his recent real life escapades have only validated my feelings.
    4. tom cruise - this one is trickier. obviously i can still enjoy top gun, but not interested in any movie he does anymore. usually i like people who have an earnestness that i wish i could siphon a drop of, but not this guy. i! am! earnest!! is not the good kind.
    3. ashton kutcher - will i laugh at him on 2.5 men (a show that i will admit has always made me laugh when i come across it)? i don't know, but he ruined valentine's day for me. casting opposite jennifer garner? it's like jack black and kate winslet in the holiday. actually, that is probably worse, good call lisa. both movies had such potential! freaking waste.
    2. scarlett johansson - men will always qualify women's hatred of her by saying it's jealousy of her hotness - and i will concede that it amplifies her annoyingness that someone who sucks so hard is blessed with cartoonish hotness - but there are plenty of super hot women that i love. she is the opposite of them.
    1. gwyneth paltrow - HAAAAAAAAAAATE.

  2. #1 Gwyneth Paltrow...CAN'T stand her (someone please take her character out of Glee)
    #2 Jack Black...NEVER could watch a movie he was in.
    #3 Russell Brand...CAN'T tolerate anything about this man!!
    #4 Juliette Lewis...just something ABOUT her.
    #5 Naomi Watts...really NOT great at all.
    (in no particuliar order)