Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today Jack is...26 weeks old.

Well, our little guy is half a year old. I really have to say this seems like the best age. He is just adorable. He's still not mobile so I don't have the headache and worry of chasing him around, but he's old enough where he has a personality and can interact with me. I can make him giggle and he'll roll around on his play mat with me. He is spellbound when I read him a book and he still lights up when I sing him a song. Best of all, when I hold him on my hip, he seems to wrap his arms around my neck. So awesome. I'm trying to enjoy every second.

His favorite "toy" for the past few weeks has been his bright blue silicone teething ring.

He has lots of rings made out of different things but there's something about this material that he loves. And so much better than the actual toys he owns.

He's also been busy testing his vocal chords. He gets in moods where he likes to make sounds for hours. It can be adorable when we're home alone. Not so adorable when I'm in a quiet indoor space trying to have a conversation with an adult.

This week we were lucky enough to hang with a few of our friends who are also members of the new parents club. We all had babies within six months of each other and man, what a difference a year makes.

The solid foods are still going pretty well. He absolutely loves the multi-grain cereal (who doesn't love empty carbs?!) but is more lukewarm to green beans, peas, and carrots. He definitely didn't enjoy the banana I mashed up but maybe he just didn't like the consistency. He made his displeasure apparent.

Of course, all this real food has seriously changed his diapers. I know I already mentioned the smell. But, seriously, it's like death. Though the journey to the heinous dirty diaper is fairly amusing. I know posting these pics makes me a bad mom (just add it to the list along with feeding him store-bought food and letting him cry) but they are just too funny.

I mean, I was cracking up when I took these. That face combined with grunting? Hysterical.

Alright, enough talk. Here are more pics from the week!

Playing his first game of cards

Popping his collar...he's cool even in his sleep

Someone is SUPER excited about the start of the NFL pre-season

"What in the world are these things?!"

He still naps on my lap. But he's really cute so it's okay.

"I did it! I got my foot in my mouth!"

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