Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday: Smells

My 5 Favorite Smells:

5. Coffee brewing in the morning
4. Chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven
3. Smoking barbecue or grill on a warm summer day
2. Mountain breeze through forest pine trees (Cuyamaca!)
1. My adorable baby's breath

What are yours?


  1. 5. Lavender
    4. Coffee brewing
    3. Freshly baked anything, really
    2. Christmas (I don't know how else to describe this)
    1. Dan and Simon (when they're clean and not just smelling of "boy", that is)

  2. another challenging one, lis! i'll be controversial and not add kevin and violet to my list. even though i love to smell them, their smells are so dynamic. especially violet, and to be honest it's not always a favorite.

    glad to see we have lots of overlap, friends. :)

    5. libraries
    4. onions & garlic sauteing
    3. freshly baking goodies
    2. coffee brewing
    1. christmas tree

    note the use of the gerund in the food-related entries. it's the anticipation as much as the consuming!

  3. 1. A lawn being mowed (reminds me of Summer)
    2. Coffee (mmmm)
    3. The inside of chocolate boxes
    4. A sausage sizzle on the bbq
    5. Waffle cones in an ice-cream shop (being made)

    And the list could go on!! (of course my baby as well, but that goes without saying!)

    It's fun to read other peoples choices too :)